Monday, 12 January 2009


Pint sized pisspot motorsport despot!
Doughnut shown, actual size. Serving suggestion.

You've even stolen Anne Widdecombe's hair you microscopic myopic mentalist.

as you were pissflappers


  1. Put a microphone in his hand and its a ringer for Elton John.

    Bit of a tosser is our Bernie. He was more than happy for the British G.P. to fail. Luckily the bids went higher, so he thought he would allow us to have an event here after all.Class 1 tosser

    Lordy, Im sounding off as much as you!

  2. @ Anonymous....

    Why not? The Britsh GP track at Silverstone is not up to scratch! He is a businessman, and thus wants to make as much money out of his business as possible. I don't begrudge him that one bit. And in fact, I thank him for it because it finally got Silverstone to get their arses in gear and sort themselves out.

  3. Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well.