Thursday, 8 January 2009


Specifically the txt spk pissflap nadbuckets on youtube.
I just wanna feel his pain, Curt rocked you fagit!

Those who are unfortunately familiar with the shite i churn out will probably be aware of the short and shite animation, "Kurdt Kobain in 10 seconds" that i made a couple of years ago or so. Ever since i threw it onto you tube (and thanks to a B3ta newsletter link) it's had a stupid amount of hits, mostly it would seem, from 13 year old omnitards from backwoods america who worship the slack brained loose jawed bag of suicidal self pitying cackjuice that was Kurdt Kobain. If you've seen it, then go back and have a look through the comments, if you haven't, then ignore the waste of 14 seconds that is the "film" and have a browse through the minds of malcontent septic (predominantly, judging by the spelling and homophobia) youth!

Browse the opinions of children with obsessive cuntpulsive disorder!

The main dipshit nonces love to repeatedly offer death threats or the offer of money for my death! It's fucking hilarious! Every morning there are at least 3 fresh frenzied illiterate keyboard mashes from kids who should be playing with toys rather than the concept of their place in the universe through the medium of a dead smack bag, and i fucking love them all for it! Infact their ramblings are so hilarious i don't even have to bother to try and write anything, just have a look, it's a mindfuck of brain wrong on a superb scale.

I'd be worried, but i don't think their mums will let them out after 5pm, and all sharp objects are locked away so they can't play noughts and crosses on their forearms.

Go feed on the minds of imbecilic pre-pubescent self loathing and dead junkie worship!

as you were


  1. I just read through some of the comments on youtube! Gotta love the fanboys :D I managed to get through the first page and a half before my head asploded.

    Everyone seems to think that you killed Kurt yourself :D Loving the new blog sir!

  2. Those comments are priceless

    Death to those who insult Nirvana!!!
    There is no God but Kurt!!!

    They'll be burning effigies of you in Seattle next, mark my words.

  3. Dont diss da Kobain, man *insert angry smiley*

    Noel `What a wank show deal or no deal is` Edmonds must be on you list, the beardy blobby bumming cunt.

    Keep up the work Mushy.

  4. Revolutionary Biscuit8 January 2009 at 23:52

    "P.S. I have an action figure of Kurt Cobain. It's awesome!!!!!!"

    I don't know which is more disturbing, the youtube comments you have generated or the fact that I seem to agree with all your thoughts on this blog.
    Good work as always Mushy.

  5. Have you checked your embassy lately? Reports say there's a bunch of 12 year olds trying to set it on fire with a lighter they found under a hedge.

  6. Leatherlyy (1 week ago)
    "Go suck on your mam's big dick, Kurt's a fucking ledgend."


    the comments are as you said. great vid. keep up the good work dude

  7. First time I've seen that video (yes I know, I'm slow eh).

    But sheer joy reading those comments. You must be very proud, bravo.

  8. I remember when you posted this video, I laughed and laughed..

    Couldnt understand the reaction it got though. I thought at the time Kurt would have loved it.


  9. Well it was indeed a great loss, Cobain left us without his talent, how many great albums can we be enjoying right now.