Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I bring you the epitome of hateful turdery that is Mr PR!

Max Clifford, bouffant haired gobshite wideboy and turd polisher extraordinaire!

There's so much about this snivelling shitehouse that makes my brain hurt, explode a little bit and dribble out of my eyes and ears like the result of a particularly accurate bukkake party for ear and eye fetishists. Whilst looking about for a list of fame hungry, publicity craving walking errors of genetics that have used this conduit of fail i was unutterably saddened by the list of crimes against basic human brain thinking that Clifford has gilded and sold under the guise of interesting fact. Here are some choice efforts, i shall try to keep my blatherings to a minimum so you can draw your own conlusions....

Oh joy! Why did the involvement of the slithering walking helmet in this old classic not surprise me at all? All the elements are there, past it wrong 'un desperate for attention, bullshit story and tabloid mong fodder!

Remember the Norfolk farmer who became a Daily Mail poster boy for "right thinking British tax payers"? Well guess who represented the man who so bravely blasted a traveller in the back with a shotgun in the name of self defence!

Let's just applaud the abilities of Clifford for a moment. There is clearly no one who's money and pitiful grasping publicity lust isn't too low or sordid for him. Goody? I can't go on with this one, i might pop a fucking vein.

Scatalogical charlatan and food bully, beloved of stand up comedians for the brilliant joke about being you are what you eat....usually something hilarious like a lizard or the witch from rentaghost. For these gags alone both McKeith and Clifford need a public stoning, but preferably with malformed pooh and a trestle table of iceland's finest.

Rebecca Loos.
Derek Hatton.
David Copperfield.
Simon Cowell.
Pamella Bordes.

Just look back at those names, then picture the cunts parade that's involved. Now, if you are a connoiseur of old skool pornography like myself, imagine them as a Razzle Stack. Arrange them in the following order....cunt/areshole/cunt/arsehole/cunt/arsehole.....etc. This, we shall call, The Clifford Tower, a kind of monument to the efforts of the bouffant thunderbird's efforts to get rich and die dumbing down and degrading! Well done Mr Clifford you really are an odious pissflap.

Why do people pay this aching priapism of a human being to make them famous so that a year later he can get paid by some other loathesome fame hungry cock-knocker to bring them down again? Someone needs to sort this uber fucknut out.

Time to hit the semi darkness again (this is not a euphemism for bout of "on the soft" crying and masturbating, that's for special times).

as you were jizzbeards.


  1. Jade Goody. Poor woman with cancer and a gob that needs to be hit with a large piece of 4 x 4. When I say poor I do mean in terms of her now depleted wealth. Death is watching her hourglass.

    *crosses fingers*

  2. Clifford is a total wanker who is partly responsible for society losing it's values. A plastic world created by a fucking dumfuck Clifford.

  3. Absolutely agree.This twat Max Clifford is also representing a guy that has been accused of murdering his new wife while on honeymoon in South Africa,and he seems to get plenty of airtime on Sky News.Is there no depth this prick can sink to.Pity he did not succumb to the cancer he had.